Welcome to Gaia Yoga

Located in Richmond, CA, Gaia Yoga is committed to creating a space of wellness, empowerment, and community by offering a variety of yoga classes for all levels of experience. Classes range from vigorous Vinyasa flows to full Restorative relaxation (see class descriptions below). Each instructor brings a unique teaching style and expertise centered in mindfulness, meditation, movement, and holistic health.

Gaia Yoga also partners with local non-profits and organizations focused on the overall health of our communities. 

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Vinyasa Flow

This vigorous style of yoga links breath and movement framed around Sun Salutations. The smooth, continuous flow deepens breathing, increases endurance, and will test the edge of your balance and flexibility. This is an all levels class, however, being comfortable with basic yoga postures and appreciating a healthy sweat is recommended.

Hatha Flow

An all levels class bringing balance and strength to your mind, body, and soul. This steady-paced class includes a breath-synchronized series of poses that flows smoothly between Sun Salutation inspired sequences and longer-held poses, guiding students through a moving meditation. This class emphasizes the development of core strength for joint stability and increased endurance. 


Lunch Hour

Lunch Hour classes at Gaia Yoga are energizing, music-filled and appropriate for men and women of all ages and fitness levels. You will experience a mix of dynamic and physically demanding poses, which will strengthen your muscles, increase flexibility and energize your body, mind and spirit. Classes are abbreviated to a 50 minute time frame to support your health and wellness in your busy day.

Gentle Flow

A slow paced class designed to warm up and nourish the joints of the body, soothe the nervous system and restore vital energy. Most of the class will be on the floor in seated or supine poses, but will also include gentle sun salutations and standing poses. This class is perfect for those working with arthritis, back pain, recovery from injury and/or illness and those just looking to move through their yoga practice at a gentle pace.

Candlelight Flow

Surrounded by soft candlelight, this is a graceful and meditative practice that incorporates gentle movement, slow transitions, balance, restorative poses, and guided meditation to help you unwind into your evening. Each class will be tailored to the needs of participants with the intention to relax and calm the body and mind, leaving you balanced and restored. This class is open to all levels.




This is a gentle supported practice that restores the mind, body and spirit. This class is full of props (blankets, blocks, and straps) to support the body in holding postures for longer periods of time. The purpose of this class is to truly calm the body and senses so that you can restore, find peace and leave feeling rejuvenated. Suitable for all levels, and is especially appropriate for those healing from injury, chronic pain, or other illness.