Giulia Divina

Originally from Rome, Italy, Giulia Divina has lived more than half of her life here in beautiful California. In the last year, Divina happily settled in the sunny shores of Marina Bay where she found the perfect environment to cultivate her passion for her own yoga Practice, teaching meditation and visualization classes as well as conducting Yoga workshops.

Divina has been teaching yoga for over 17 years. Originally trained in Ashtanga Yoga, from It’s Yoga in SF, throughout the years, Divina has blended various forms of yoga and made it into her very own signature flow, a combination of gentle Vinyasa flow with restorative poses and guided meditation. Divina’s classes are a fusion of Italian flavor and passion with ancient wisdom, body intuition and breath work.

Whether you are listening to her hypnotic voice during the guided meditation or you are following her detailed instructions as you flow through your poses, in Divina’s classes you are guaranteed to take a journey inside yourself.