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Gaia Yoga is honored to partner with local non-profits and businesses committed to supporting our communities health, wellness, and well being. Below are some ways you can support the non-profit Mindful Life Project and YES Nature to Neighborhoods, as well as resources for your own growth, physical fitness, and prosperity. 



Mindful Life Project

Mindful Life Project, through research-based and culturally relevant school-based intervention programs, guides students to make positive life choices both at school and in their community. Students learn to understand and navigate their feelings, emotions, thoughts, and life experiences, which enables new, wiser responses that improve attention, learning, emotional regulation, empathy, and conflict resolution. We serve over 9,000 students in 20 Title 1 partner schools located in Richmond, San Pablo, Oakland, Rodeo, and Carquinez.

YES Nature to Neighborhoods

YES Nature to Neighborhoods (formerly Youth Enrichment Strategies) provides youth, adults and families living in Richmond and surrounding West Contra Costa County access to experiences in the natural environment – opportunities that can ignite the imagination, build self-confidence and enhance leadership skills. Educators, parents, and camp counselors observe that early exposure to an array of enriching experiences create a child’s sense of possibilities and provide the foundation for success.


Crossfit cypher

Located down the road from Gaia Yoga, CrossFit Cypher will help you meet your goals and achieve an optimum level of fitness.

Cypher believes in meeting each person where they are at. You don’t have to be in shape to start and fitness doesn’t have to be scary. The Cypher team is there to make fitness the best experience of your life.

"I have been a member at CrossFit Cypher since Jan. 2017. I was ready to re-commit to some big fitness goals after taking a break from CrossFit for about a year. The Cypher team helped me with realistic goal setting and programming to advance my strength and endurance to the next level. I love the community at Cypher! It is the most diverse, compassionate, supportive crew. Everyone who walks through the door is welcomed in with open arms. I love witnessing every other members success just as much as my own!"

Martina Chavez - Owner, Gaia Yoga

Ball chiropractic

Ball Chiropractic has a team of 3 highly qualified doctors utilizing the most advanced chiropractic procedures. The Ball Chiropractic team is committed to wellness in every area of life, and brings the highest level of expertise to their care.

"I discovered chiropractic as an an employee of Ball Chiropractic after graduating college in 2005. Since then, I have come to understand the importance of chiropractic care as one of the greatest means to overall health and wellness. The doctors at Ball Chiropractic are highly skilled and committed to each patients health far beyond the alignment of the spine. They are my first stop anytime I feel under the weather, or out of whack in any way."

Martina Chavez - Owner, Gaia Yoga


money & mimosas

Money & Mimosas is a money mentorship program for entrepreneurs and executives. They answer the burning question, "How can I get paid to do what I love?"

Founder Danetha Doe believes you deserve to live a life full of passion and adventure.

Danetha's mission is to provide you with the tools you need to create a life of wealth and wellness.

"Undoubtedly, Danetha is one of the most inspiring, driven, and truly joyful humans I have ever met. Her expertise in financial wellness and zest for life is contagious and has supported me in my own personal journey into financial freedom. If you are looking for a new relationship with money, Danetha is an excellent resource."

Martina Chavez - Owner, Gaia Yoga


Kersten Kimura is an NASM Certified personal trainer and an overtraining coach.

She helps women overcome binge eating, excessive dieting, overtraining and hypothalamic amenorrhea (missing periods caused by excess exercise and food restrictions).

Kerstin is also a personal trainer whose goal is to help men and women get healthier and fitter through smart, reasonable exercise (including yoga!) and balanced diet.

"I met Kersten through the studio as a student in classes and have been blown away by who she is and her practice of yoga off the mat the more I get to know her. Kersten embodies empowerment through  and through and is on a mission to share her journey and lift others up along the way, which is in complete alignment with the mission at the studio. It is a natural partnership to bring Kersten's expertise of nutrition, fitness, and wellness to members at Gaia Yoga."

Martina Chavez - Owner, Gaia Yoga